Commissions info

Are you interested in a commission artwork? Please read the Guidelines below and dm me (ig or twitter)

Commissions types and Prices

All the prices below are taxes excluded. In the transition I'll ask you to add about +5% for Paypal rate.Please NB these prices are all starting prices.
The final cost depends on the complexity and details of the singular character, as race, outfit, add-ons as frames, etc.
I can tell you the final price after reading the character decription.
If you don't find what you have in mind in this character art list, feel free to describe me your idea!Prices could change in 2022.


  • Halfbody €120

  • Fullbody €160


  • Halfbody €60

  • Fullbody €100

Sketch Line

  • Halfbody €40

  • Fullbody €60


For working on your character I'll need a physical description and the mood you'd like to communicate: if your character is always cheerful or gloomy and grumpy...
Please, avoid chaotic wall text!
Include also equip like weapons or other object that could be important for them.
If you already have some art of your character or visual reference (pose, palette, pictures), they’ll be appreciated!
Please name or number your ref image, so I will able to know for what they're there!

  • Fanarts, OCs

  • Mild nsfw, Nsfw

  • Groups and Couples

  • Anthro and Folk (this means YES to race as Dragonborn, Tabaxi, Kitsune etc!)

  • Fantasy ridiculous armors like high heels, boobplates, bikini, MOBA inspired, etc. (I can make exceptions, let's talk about it)

  • Mech, Furry. If you have any doubts, write me!

If you have preferences on pose, outfit, palette, etc. include them in the description!
Any missing info is for me as having free rein.

Terms and conditions

Payment: Paypal
Upfront Payment!
I'll made a preview sketch and start working after the payment.
I can split payments only over €200+, No refunds.
Changes are allowed until I'm on the sketch phase (before render, b/w or lineart).
DO NOT share the work in progress of the commission without my permission.If there's something you do not like, you should tell me asap!!
If you wanna change something in progress, I'll notice you about the price increase (if there's any) before make changes to the artwork.
If you need or want to give me a deadline, it will cost an extra directly proportional to the artwork price.
Without it, I may need some time to finish a commission. I have other commitments and personal projects, if it’ll take me a little more time to get it done those are the reasons why!

Personal and Commercial Use

The starting rates for all my commissions are for personal use only. All artwork commissioned as private client are pieces that the client is free to use for non-commercial purposes.
You can print the artwork, show it online (credit is required when possible) and display it as they please.
The sale of any type of material featuring or derived from said commission is not allowed.
If you are interested in artworks for a commercial use (as publication) we can discuss it!